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Magical Adventure
03-Aug-06, 18:45 Uhr ()
Konnte leider den Originalthread nicht finden, aber ich habe bei Screamscape folgende Infos bezüglich des neuen, in der Bauphase befindlichen Freizeitparks gefunden. Wenn ich das richtig gelesen habe, soll der Park bereits 2008 mit der Mainstreet und 2 Themenbereichen eröffnen. Der Rest des Parks soll dann bis 2011 fertiggestellt sein. Den Baufotos zu urteilen, ist man gerade dabei die Infrastruktur herzustellen. Unter anderem wurden auch eine neue Hinweistafel angebracht.

MAGICAL ADVENTURE (Valmontone, Italy)

2007 - Proposed New Park - (8/3/06) A few readers sent in some rough English translations of the text on the website link we posted previously that contain a few stats about the park. They claim it will have a budget of 300 million Euros within 70 hectars and have 7 themed lands. The park will have 49 attractions: 18 family rides, 19 kiddie rides and 12 thrill rides. They mention something about two roller coasters, a log flume and and a monorail that will circle the park. It sounds like it will have a free retail, night club and restaurant area just outside the park as well called City Village. The latest construction update (translated) on the site mentions that, “Rumors say that the primary works for the structure of the park will end by end of July and that in fall 2006 the second building phase will start. Always according unconfirmed rumors, but quite reliable, the initial structure will have few of the features announced in the conference, not really as far as the quality of the structure, but as for the area the park will cover. They will start building the Main Street and two of the theme areas; the park will then be completed by 2011. The initial structure should have 2 dark rides, 4 show areas and 2 roller coasters, one almost surely Vekoma and the other Intamin; the first will allegedly have a big covered section.”
(8/1/06) It’s been almost a year since we’ve heard anything new about this park, but it looks like the ground work for construction is well under way now according to the new photos posted here. Unfortunately, everything is in Italian and I can’t make heads of tails of it, but the visuals speak for themselves.
(9/19/05) You can find new construction photos for the new Italian theme park at
(9/15/05) From the look of this website it seems that ground work has begun for the new Italian theme park. You can also see a ton of new concept artwork as well. Our source tell us that it is expected to open in 2007.
(2/16/05) The Parksmania website has posted several pieces of new concept artwork and information from the proposal for the new park.
(12/6/04) On November, 24 a press conference took place in Rome to show the project of a new amusement park in Valmontone, near the city: an area of 70,000 hectares dedicated to the world of magic, with 7 theme areas, 18 km of streets, 49 attractions and a parking for 6,000 cars. The park will be built in two phases and will be completed in two years (opening in 2007); the first project includes attractions, shows and a big central lake with a temple (Il Tempio del Potere) for major events. Keep in mind that this is just a proposal and nothing firm has been set yet.

Tipping is not a town in China


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