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#10, RE: Planet Coaster
Geschrieben von MarcelR am 04-Apr-16 um 07:10 Uhr


PC System Analysis for Planet Coaster
Based on an Alpha version of Planet Coaster, it will require a high end computer to run at high graphics settings. So for 1080p screen resolution you will need around an Intel i5 3570 processor to meet recommended CPU requirements, along with a Radeon R9 380 graphics card and 16 GB system memory. To reach the minimum requirement setting for Planet Coaster, where you can play it on low graphics settings you will still need a Intel i5 2300 or AMD FX 4300 processor along side 8GB RAM and a GTX 560 GPU or an AMD HD 7850.

Und da es die Cobra-Engine ist, kann man ja mal mit Elite:Dangerous vergleichen: